Who’s Behind the Apron?

Emily’s the name, baking’s the game!


Here’s me with Great British Bake Off series 5 winner John Waite and Cathryn Dresser, another series 5 contestant, at the Manchester Cake & Bake show 2014.

I’m a 19 year old student at The University of Leeds and for the last two years I have been launching cake after brownie after cookie at my friends and family via instagram; I have subsequently decided they deserve a choice on the matter – Half Student, Half Cake is born.

I find it very easy to get carried away with baking and frequently spend a fortune on ingredients, equipment and decorations – as a student this is a big no-no! Join me on my journey discovering how to create brilliant budget bakes that all students (or those wishing to save a few pennies!) can afford to make.

Feel free to comment on my posts and give me suggestions for future bakes, you name it – I’ll budget-bake it!


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