Product Reviews

Here is where I post my opinions on products I have tried and tested – what’s worth it and what’s not!


I use Stork Baking Spread in most of my bakes, but why not butter?

Well, the answer is:

  1. It’s cheaper than butter – Stork is half the price of butter!
  2. I find it less messy – because it is kept in a margarine-style tub there are no messy wrappers to deal with
  3. It’s more malleable – I find Stork better to whip up
  4. It’s quicker to use – I am an impatient baker and when I want to bake I want to do it that very instant, with butter you have to wait to let it warm up (as I keep my butter in the fridge) in order for it to be easy to work with but you can get Stork out of the fridge and use it straight away! This may just be me not being a very good forward-thinker though…

It may be my go-to butter substitute but there are two occasions where you need to use butter:

  • Pastry – butter gives pastry a richer taste and you need cold, hard butter so smooth Stork wouldn’t work!
  • Biscuits – butter just makes nicer tasting biscuits, simples



I don’t own one of these myself (yet…) but my Mum has one at home so I use it often when I’m there. They have many things going for them such as their ease of use and their huge range of colours (I have my eye on a pale pink one for the future).

I do think they are really good at making larger cakes such as a layered Victoria sponge or something similar but for making a batch of 12 cupcakes they really don’t do the job that well! You need a large amount of mixture in the bowl for it to mix properly otherwise you don’t get enough air in your mixture and it will be a solid bake!

There are two things in particular that I do think this machine is great for. One is mixing bread dough. The dough-hook certainly makes bread-making a cleaner process (no more doughy hands – YES!). The second is whipping up egg whites. I hate using a hand mixer to whisk egg whites because it takes a long time; with a Kitchenaid you can just turn it on and let it do it’s thing while you do other things!

I certainly wouldn’t recommend the Kitchenaid to students because of the price but if you can afford one and enjoy larger bakes then go for it! It certainly looks good on your kitchen worktop…


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