10 Minute Sponge Pudding

10 Minute Sponge Pudding

When it gets to the evening and you’re craving some kind or cake or pudding but it’s too late to bake anything, why suffer? What if I told you that you could make a scrumptious syrup sponge pudding in 10 minutes?

This is probably my most student-y bake yet as it is foolproof and requires minimal effort for a fabulous result. Many people are microwave-phobic and think that they are the last thing anyone should use to bake with. If you are one of these people I am going to prove you wrong…

MAKES: 4 Portions (or 2 if you’re really craving cake)



1 Glass bowl

1 Large mixing bowl

1 Large metal spoon

1 Egg beater

1 Fork

1 Sieve

Weighing scales

Cling film


100g Golden syrup

1 egg

60g Melted butter/margarine

60g Self-raising flour

60g Caster sugar

Splash of milk

Vanilla ice cream (duh!)


  1. Add the golden syrup to the bottom of the glass bowl and set aside
  2. Crack the egg into a large mixing bowl and beat
  3. Sieve in the flour and add the caster sugar
  4. Pour the melted butter/margarine on top and stir together with a large metal spoon
  5. Add a splash of milk and mix it in
  6. Pour the mixture on top of the golden syrup and cover the bowl with cling film (this stops the sponge drying out), prick the cling film a few times with a fork
  7. Microwave for 3.5 minutes on a high power
  8. Remove from the microwave (be careful, the bowl will be very hot) and peel off the cling film, serve with ice cream

Now it may not be a looker, but damn it’s good for 10 minutes of work. It’s exactly like those individual microwaveable sponge puddings you can buy at supermarkets. This timely, tasty treat will only set you back £1.53 and what could be more student-y than that?

I’m working on a chocolate version to match – so watch this space, chocoholics!


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