Marshmallow Crispy Squares


Although not strictly speaking classed as baking, these treats are something I crave frequently so they need to be shared! They are perfect for students who have very little baking equipment and want a homemade naughty snack in a matter of minutes.

MAKES: 16 squares


1 Large Saucepan

1 Wooden or Metal Spoon

1 Baking Tin (any size)


180g Rice Krispies 

290g Mini Marshmallows (If you want pretty pink squares like mine then use pink and white mini marshmallows; if not just use plain white ones)

45g Butter/Margarine (I like to use Stork Baking Spread)


  1. Melt the butter/margarine in a large saucepan on a low heat whilst continually stiring with a wooden or metal spoon
  2. Add the mini marshmallows and cook until fully melted
  3. Stir in the Rice Krispies gradually until combined – being careful not to crush them!
  4. Gently push the mixture into the baking tin evenly with the back of the spoon
  5. Leave to cool (or place in the fridge if you’re impatient like me)
  6. Cut into 16 squares

This “bake” cost me £2.27 by shopping at Morrisons and they are worth every penny and more! To compare this to the well-known branded version of these treats, Squares, you’d be saving a whopping £7.98 by making them yourself – not to mention you’d be saving yourself from all those mysterious added ingredients!


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